Good morning, my one reader!

I apologize for my last entry, which was totally bogus. Truthful, but bogus. I will try harder next time. Maybe.

I arrived into work this morning and a co-worker had left papers on my desk with a post-it note on top asking me to mail some letters for her. Which is fine, I mean, I don't mind helping out when necessary.

You know what I greatly dislike, though? The letter "x".

See, this is how she signed the post-it:

"Thanx, [insert co-worker's name here]"


Who gave the letter "x" the right to take over so many different words? It's like, one day, someone said to himself,

"Hey, Self, I think that letter "x" is lonely. He barely ever gets to come out and play. Let's spread rumors that he's really, really cool and maybe he can take over some more common words and start to feel better about himself."

For real, people? Let's see... there's thanx, xoxo (kisses and hugs, for all of you who live under rocks), xippie (click the link, it makes me too sick to actually write what it is), Spanx (c), AND the ever loving X-mas (how lazy are we, people?!), among many others.

Then we have the words where we felt that the "x" got a little jealous of our favorite letter, "e". Xtreme, xplain, xactly...

Will it vr nd?

So we do all of this to help out little ol' "x", and then wonder why the kiddies can't spell ANYTHING.

Now, if ull xcuse XmeX, my bff .:Steph:.s having a xobile xplosion! im xcessively xcited! ttyl!!!!11!!!1!

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