Cleaning House... aka So Many Goodbyes

As 2009 comes to a close, I say "goodbye" to many things.

Goodbye, 2009. You sucked, you hurt, you challenged. I leave you stronger, wiser, and more aware. Not only did I survive you, but I came out all the better for it.

Goodbye immaturity. I am an adult. I have responsibilities. I answer for my choices.

Goodbye bad influences. It's time to weed out those who bring me down, and stick with those who make me happy.

And, sadly, goodbye Blogger. You are not fulfilling my needs. I am moving on... to BasicallyRead


As 2010 begins, I say "hello" to many things.

Hello life in NYC. I finally made it. I cannot wait to see what you bring.

Hello self reliance. If I cannot depend on me, who can I depend on?

Hello self awareness. I am what I am, and what I am is amazing. If you cannot see that, you are not worth a damn.

Hello endless possibilities...


The biggest piece of information learned this year that I bring with me to the future:

We have control over everything that happens in our life. Yes, we cannot control the thoughts and actions of those around us. However, we can control our OWN thoughts and actions, as well as our reactions. Our reactions are what define us the most - they are what define our ability to learn and grow. Take time to think things through, take time to evaluate what things really mean to you. If you don't, you may lose the things that matter to you most.

And always remember - only you have the ability to control your life. YOU decide what and who you want around you. Choose wisely...


Hello, 2010...

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