Well, Hello, World...

Today, as I was sitting at my desk, working on another 1,500 piece mailing, I wished that I was assembling letters with a little more meaning. Don't get me wrong, the work that the company does (for affordable housing) is very helpful to the local workforce and is a necessity "in these economic times," (the dreaded saying,) however, are nine affordable housing units worth the tree we just demolished? My mind wandered back to the Vietnam War (or what I have learned of it) and the groups that formed mailings to inform the public about rallies and protests: a time when people got off their bums and actually did something about... well, something.

Maybe I'm one of those rare twenty-somethings who was born in the wrong era, but the increasing stupidity of society really grates on my nerves. Sure, I partake in the random tabloid every once and again, because really, I want to know about Spiedi's latest wedding or Lilo's next meltdown, but my life does not revolve around John and Kate +8 becoming John and affair minus Kate +8.

What happened to that passion American's shared for their country on a daily basis? Memorial Day just passed, did you know that? Because I wouldn't have... except for the fact that I had the day off from work. Is that what patriotism has become in this country? Something that citizens display on the Fourth of July, and then tuck away for the rest of the year? September 11 at least brought patriotism out of its sleepy hibernation for a short time, with an influx in debate and political awareness. But Americans today automatically contract A.D.D. with constant contact to technology, whether cell phones, Ipods, computers, etc. Ironically, information is a finger touch away, and yet, here we are, searching to find out if Bragelina is preggers again.

I'm waiting for the day when the nation's capital moves from D.C. over to good ol' Los Angeles. Or maybe Chicago, because, let's face it, President Obama really opened the door for Oprah. I am all for the new President in every way- he has created empowerment for African Americans not achieved since the days of MLK, Jr. I cannot wait to see what he does for this country. How long will it be, though, until his Portuguese Water Dog's blog is old news? This country will crave something else new, and really, can we deny Steadman his "First Gent" title much longer?

Listen, I'm not suggesting anything drastic. I certainly don't want anything violent, like Kent State, or the race riots from back in the day. I just don't understand why politics are such a taboo subject in the United States. The number one subject people say should not be discussed at dinner parties? Politics. Why? Because it sparks intelligent debate? Because it makes an individual show some passion? As Americans, we pride ourselves on our right to free speech (see Bill of Rights, First Amendment) and yet, we censor ourselves by being ignorant. Most of the information I have learned is from debate with someone more knowlegable than I, due largely in part to the actual human interaction- the ability to converse back and forth with a free thinking entity, versus the input into a machine.

Unfortunately, again, this makes me a rare breed. I urge my peers to turn off the Ipods, take the speakers out of their ears, and remember what it was like to have human interaction. You never know who you might meet and what you might learn from that person.

Well, I am ready to make my mark on the world, starting with this blog, one entry at a time. That's right, folks, my first blog, and I wrote about politics. Risky, you say? Stupid, even? Did I make you angry? Did I stir you up?

Well, world, I say bring it on...

PS, readers, great place to start- Prop 8, just saying...

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